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Mini ECMO assist system in acute respiratory failure
  • Portable & user-friendly device in ARDS (corona-related respiratory failure)

  • Supported with an android based tablet

Being developed for the use in ICU services within the pandemic period

Covid 19
Magnetic Levitation blood pump system
  • New and minimally destructive blood pump design

  • Cutting-edge technology in electronical & mechanical instrumentation

In order to be used in longer circulatory assistance

Electronic Circuit
Çark 5.png
Centrifugal blood pump head
  • Minimum destruction to the blood particle elements

  • Maximal energy consumption principles

Strategic item that can be integrated either to the driver devices

Çark 1.jpg
Deployable centrifugal blood pump system

A portable short-term life support system used in cardiac and respiratory failure

A feasible aspiration device can be taken to the surgery area for massive thrombus

New mechanical aspiration system 

Novel device for clot extraction from the pulmonary arteries and main veins

3 novelties,

  • easing the staff from long lines reaching out the machine that is positioned far away from the operating table requiring lots of blood to fill in

  • thrombus filter system

  • new type of cannula using the smart polymer technology

System 1.png
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